How To React No Matter What The Fed Throws At You

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Mon, Jul 25, 5:00 PM (BST)

It's that time again...The Fed is back. But, this time, there might be more cause for celebrations. David Russell, VP of Market Intelligence at TradeStation Securities, will help prepare investors for another big meeting this week and help to identify the possible opportunities ahead.

About this event

What’s going on here?

Inflation and interest rates are rattling markets this year in a way most young savers have never experienced. On top of this, China’s Covid lockdowns and Russia’s war with Ukraine have caused ripple effects in the markets and new levels of uncertainty for investors.

But the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting (26th-27th July) will give investors fresh insight as its decision on US interest rates will show the central bank's latest assessment of inflation.

What’s in it for me?

The recent dip in commodity prices may give some investors cause for celebration and consumers everywhere a breath of fresh air as, over the course of this year, prices have shot up and driven inflation to record levels.

Now that they’re starting to come down, the Fed might decide to increase interests by less (potentially thanks to lower inflation), opening up new opportunities for investors.

What you’ll leave knowing

  1. What the dip in commodity prices mean for inflation

  2. New opportunities in markets that may open up if interest rates are raised by less than expected

  3. The possible outcomes of the Fed meeting and how investors can prepare for each



Monday, Jul 25
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM (BST)